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Mad Love

Mad Love

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Enjoy Hands Free Orgasm with Sex Machines and Thrusting & Vibrating & Heating Vibrator

This guy gets you. Choose your favorite angle, warm up with slow thrusts, and gradually increase the speed until you reach an explosive orgasm. 

6 thrusting frequencies, ranging from 90 to 180 times per minute, ensures you enjoy a realistic experience that caters to your desires. How fast will you let it take you to the heights of pleasure?

With a built-in case, this compact sex machine is your discreet pleasure companion. It's easy to hide, fun to use, and effortless to move. 

The shaft, made of soft TPE material, offers a thrilling 2.1" thrust range in 6 unique modes. It's like having a partner who knows exactly how to please you. 

Dive deeper into your fantasies with 9 vibrating modes that promise to take you to the most intoxicating realms of pleasure.

Mad Love adds the finishing touch with its warming feature, reaching up to 108°F for a truly authentic body-like sensation. Close your eyes, and you might just forget it's not a real lover's touch.

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